Strongwater Wedding in Columbus Ohio

This day was a beast of a wedding in all the best ways. It had literally everything you could incorporate on a wedding day. Beautiful details and stunning dresses, the most vibrant and colorful florals, a venue with all the character, perfect weather and the best light, a fun and vibe-y dance floor. Most importantly, at the heart and center of the day was the people. The kindest and dearest of friends (with one of my favorite first look reactions to the bride’s completed look), loving parents (their bond to their children is so obvious and dear), the groom’s sweet son (if you look closely, you’ll spot a few moments where he is overcome with all the emotion), and Nicole and LaMar.

The love between Nicole and LaMar runs deep, it’s clear, it’s bright, it overwhelms me with emotion and I know you’ll feel it too as you look through these photos.