I’m Jenn. My middle name is Hannah.



I love tall trees and have a pine tree tattoo. I’m allergic to soy. So by default, my favorite food is tacos. I’ve played piano my whole life and can play you three songs on the ukulele. My guilty pleasure is any true crime drama or podcast. I met my boyfriend on Tinder and one day we’ll start a band called Tinder Matches. I’m half Ginger, half Filipino (I know you were wondering).

And I take photos of people in love.

My photography is for the alternative. The adventurous. The starry-eyed, wanderlust couple.


I’m not your typical photographer. I’m not going to set you up in stiff, awkward pose.

My goal is to document you and your partner just as you are, to capture whatever unique connection exists between you two. I do my best to show it back to you in a photograph.

My approach to photography is candid, artistic, and photojournalistic. I strive to document your day just as it happens, with all the chaos, the messiness, laughter, tears, and drunken dance moves. Your wedding day isn’t about the dress, the details, the flowers, the party — it’s about all the angles of your love. And that’s what I want to capture at the end of the day.

Getting to know my clients and their story is so crucial to my photography process as well. So if my approach sounds like your kind of jam, let’s go grab a drink, become friends, and create something beautiful.




LGBTQ Couples Welcome. Love is Love.