Adventure Sessions in Iceland

What’s the attraction of Iceland? Oh yes, it’s beautiful. It’s unworldly. It’s majestic. It’s chaotic in its elements. Cold. Windy. Harsh. It’s contrasting. It has beauty, it has harshness. Once you visit, you understand the pull to visit again. It’s not just a beautiful country. It’s representative of life in a way. Only such beautiful landscapes could come from such harsh circumstances, like the volcanoes, the cold, the wind, etc. The weather constantly changes in minutes, you never know what’s coming next. You can’t really plan. You just adapt and accept and embrace the rain and wind when it comes.

We went to Iceland with a group of my favorite photographer friends. We went to explore, take photos, see something new, quench some wanderlust, and see what all the fuss was about.

On one of my favorite days, we got a little dressed up, went to Black Sand Beach (Reynisfjara) while it was pelting down rain, the wind making it that much more harsh and brutal, probably in the high 30s/low 40s. Then we ran around like lunatics taking photos of each other. It was absolutely absurd. But it also made you feel alive. Everything is heightened. The cold, the rain, the wind, just enunciates your breath, your body, shivering. Your desperation to hold on to your partner to block some of the cold. It humbles you. My memories of that moment of the day ring so much clearer than the other days.

So, yes. Go to Iceland. 10/10, would recommend. And then take me with you to take some photos of you.





“I wanna go south of the river. Face it alone, in the heart

of the winter.”



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