Nicole & Matt

January 11, 2017

Succulents, flower crowns, German Village, and a good party were some of the buzzwords Nicole & Matt gave me about their wedding when we first met. All of these were a big yes for me, but even more so are Nicole & Matt. They are the kind of people who are adored by their friends. And you can tell, all of their friends are close, close friends, not just friends. Hilarious drinking and/or camping stories on end are sure to be told if asked.

These two are just happy people. Matt is never seen without a huge grin, while Nicole will always have a soft smile on her face. I love their love for each other and loved documenting their day.

For sunset photos, we ran from parking garage to the next, trying to find an open one. And when we did find one, N&M didn’t blink an eye and ran up 6 flights of stairs to the top just to catch the sunset right before it went down. Clients like that will always get the “praise hands” emoji.

Second shot by Jared Heeter.