Stephanie & Chris

Stephanie & Chris were the epitome of chill, cool, calm, and collected on their wedding day. And that’s including the fact that September 10th began with a high chance of a pretty solid thunderstorm, which put their plan of a rooftop reception at the Renaissance in question. But it turned out alright, alright, alright — they got married in the end; that’s what it’s all about, right?

These two are kind-hearted, light-hearted, and true-hearted. Stephanie is the kind of bride who lets her train drag freely on the ground (oh, my favorite). Chris is the kind of guy who has friends who know how to sew. Favorite moments from their day include a mid-air high five from the ring-bearer; a happy, tearful bride walking down the aisle; and the best care-free, happy portraits with S&C.

And yes, the storm stayed away right up to the ceremony. Nailed it.

Second shot by Jared Heeter.


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