Shana & Bryan

I just love Shana & Bryan’s love. I’ve never photographed a couple who was just so present with one another. I hesitated in directing them to a new location or pose because I always felt like I was interrupting the most private and intimate of moments. But those moments were oh-so-beautiful and oh-so-easy to capture with S&B.

Their day was filled with the sweetest moments. A fun first look where Shana surprised Bryan with a glass of Lagavulin whiskey to enjoy as he read her letter. He relaxed in a slick mid-century style chair, which Bryan later found out was his wedding gift. Sneaky Shana. Wedding portraits in and out of the rain. A shy flower girl who just couldn’t take the pressure and had to walk back to mom. Father of the bride hiding in a back room practicing his toast. These are the kind of moments that make a wedding day. The special and unique memories that you just can’t re-create.

Wedding day coordinated by the lovelies at Events Held Dear.


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